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Orchard Rules

1. Please pay for all that you pick.
2. Do not climb the trees.
3. Do not waste fruit.
4. Please clean up after yourself.

Upon entering the Orchard, the customer agrees that Stribling Orchard will not be held responsible for any accident or injury occuring on the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog? Dogs must be leashed and are not allowed inside the sales building. Additionally, we are not responsible should something happen to your dog (there are lots of cars around) or should your dog harm anyone.

Why can't we climb the trees? Fruit trees are very fragile. They are made for holding apples and peaches, not you. Don't worry though, we will let you borrow a picking pole to reach the fruit on the higher branches.

Do we need to bring our own bags? We have plenty of bags available here, but if you have reusable bags or baskets of your own, please bring them!

Can we picnic here? Yes! You may picnic anywhere you like in the orchard. We have picnic tables at the top of the hill with a beautiful view of the valley. Please remember to clean up after yourself and throw away or recycle all trash.

Can we drive into the orchard? Yes. After checking in, you may drive or you may walk up into the orchard. It is about 3/4 mile from the Harvest House to the very top of the orchard. Extra large trucks, RVs or buses will not be allowed to drive up, since they would do alot of damage to our tree branches.

Where does the honey in your store come from? The honey is from our own beehives. We need bees to help pollinate the fruit trees. A nice beekeeper takes care of them and harvests the honey for us.

Do you have a petting zoo? No. But we do have several farm animals and you may pet them if they come up to the fence. Only employees are allowed in the pens. Our animal family includes Hannah and Susannah the donkeys, Arlo and Lyric the ponies, and Jefferson, Ada, Agnes, Nellie, Clara, and Gilbert the goats. Be careful, they may bite!

Can we feed the Farm Animals? No. Please do not feed any of the animals (no matter what they tell you). They are on special diets.

Is there an entrance fee? No. We work hard to keep the orchard open every year and keep prices down without charging an entrance fee. You can help by cleaning up after yourselves, paying for all that you pick and not wasting fruit!

Are there bears here? Yes. Bears live in the woods and love to eat peaches. If you see a bear in the orchard, leave the area immediately.

Is this an organic farm? No. We do use pesticides and chemicals on the fruit trees, but we use as little as possible (much less than large commercial farms that sell to grocery stores).

Should I wash my apple before I eat it? Like any fruit or vegetable that you get anywhere, you should always wash it or wipe it off before you eat it. Sinks and towels are in the restrooms.

Who lives here? The Stribling Family. Learn more about the history of the farm by reading the "About Us" page of our website, or by asking a Stribling family member when you come to visit.